Welcome to the great American afterlife.

This is the home and final resting place of Pocket Hercules in all his various incarnations, from Oregon to New York City.

Pock Herc releases all of his music through Stunning Elk Records, along with other startlingly handsome and amazing artists. They include: Jultopia, Cradle Fox, and the Tunnel Kings.

An excerpt from the fictional Stunning Elk Records website:

We are a collective of musicians and artists, self-publishing our work with the wonders of modern day technology, i.e. the Xerox printer.

Patriotism in America at the time of our inception is something for old, conservative white men. These are not the people we want representing our country. The American flag is a symbol and symbols have no intrinsic meaning. We are here to reestablish that meaning.

It is our goal to place the flag and America itself back into the hands of you and me: the attractive, the artistic, and the apathetic.

We are poor so give us money.